Hand Cane

Hand cane is weaved through small holes in the seat frame and the cost is determined by the total number of holes in the frame to. Hand woven cane replacement costs from £1 per frame hole and an average bedroom chairis usually 80-90 holes. We also repair complex fancy weaves including sunburst and medallion backed chairs.

Cross Back Cane Chair

Cross Back Cane Chair


Sheet Cane

Sheet, or pressed cane looks the same as a hand caned seat, but is machine woven, it became available in the early 1900’s as a less costly way to produce a cane seat chair. Cost is determined by the inch of material used so the cost to replace a Bauhaus chair seat is around £50.

Magistretti Sheet Cane

Magistretti Sheet Cane


Reel Rush

Reel Rush is pre-twisted natural rush, traditionally Scirpus lacustris is the most common rush used. Starts off green/grey/beige and mellows to gold with time. For us to replace an average dining chair seat, using pre-twisted rush the cost is around £85-£95.

Swedish Kitchen Chairs

Swedish Kitchen Chair


Paper Fibre

Weaved in the traditional way, paper fibre rush is a man-made alternative to natural rush and far cheaper to use. It is durable and very similar to the real thing. Cost is determined by the inch of material used but the average cost ranges from £70-£85 each.

Rush Children's Chair Repair

Rush Children’s Chair Repair


Danish Cord

Danish cord seats are woven using a specially manufactured paper fibre cord usually onto a series of “L” shaped nails on the inside of the seat rails. The average replacement cost of a seat in a typical “two by two” pattern single rail chair is £90.

Danish Cord Repair

Danish Cord Repair